St. Patrick's Day Event


St. Patrick's Day
Dinner Celebrations

Join us for Old State’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration at Stone Crossing, featuring a full sit-down meal with live music. This elegant venue will be decked out in green and gold, and our talented musicians will provide a lively soundtrack to your St. Paddy’s Day celebration. You’ll feast on a mouth-waterin’ spread of traditional Irish cuisine, and of course, we’ll have plenty of green beer to go around. So don your best green outfit and join us for a grand time at Stone Crossing. Tickets are $70/person and now on sale but going fast.
6PM – Open / Bar Service Begins
7PM – Celtic Shadow / Dinner
10PM – After Party at Old State

Great Food - Great Music

Join us for a mighty celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, filled with the finest Irish music from Celtic Shadow and a hearty meal fit for a king! Come and immerse yourself in the rich traditions of the Emerald Isle, as our musicians take you on a journey through the ages with their toe-tapping rhythms and soulful melodies. And while you’re at it, savor the flavors of our authentic Irish cuisine, lovingly prepared with only the freshest ingredients and a touch of Irish magic. You’ll be treated to a feast for the senses, with the aroma of fresh-baked bread, the taste of tender meats and hearty vegetables, and the sounds of laughter and merriment filling the air. So grab your friends and family, raise your glasses, and let’s give a rousing cheer for St. Patrick’s Day!

Green Beer

Ah, now here’s a grand idea for St. Patrick’s Day, me lad! If you’re looking to celebrate with a healthy twist, then look no further than our all-natural green brew, free from any of those artificial food colorings. Sure it may look a bit like Shrek’s favorite beverage, but don’t let that stop you from indulging in a pint or two. It’s a toast to good health, and to the Irish spirit that lives on in each and every drop. So raise your glass, give a hearty “Sláinte!” and let the good times roll!

Whiskey Tasting

We’d be honored to have you join us for an Irish whiskey tasting. Come taste the smooth, velvety flavors of Ireland’s finest whiskeys. We’ll regale you with tales of rolling green hills, where the misty air and the rich soil create the perfect conditions for whiskey making. You’ll taste the warmth and comfort of cozy pubs, where friends and family gather to share a dram or two. And when you leave, you’ll carry with you the spirit of the Emerald Isle, where every drop of whiskey is a celebration of life itself. So come raise a glass with us, and let’s toast to the joys of good company, good whiskey, and good times.


Limavady – Single Malt Whiskey
Keeper’s Heart – Single Malt
Teeling Small Batch – Irish Whiskey
Proper No Twelve – Irish Whiskey

Ticket Purchase

Friday March 17th or Saturday March 18th


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