RIP California trivia

co-hosted by Mark Fitzpatrick and Mini Gavin Newsom

Registration Starts At 6:30
OLD STATE SALOON | 50 E State St. Eagle, ID

1st Place Prize: VKTR Forged 16″ Hammer Forged Barrel, 15″ VKTR Handgaurd Cerakote armors black

The VK-1 uses a revolutionary patented low-profile piston system design featuring optimum gas port sizing and a piston assembly featuring a unique cup and spigot design that improves the gas seal and overall efficiency of the gas system. The VK-1 also includes a staged gas bleed system with two sets of exhaust ports at precisely determined distanced to reduce the inertia of the operating rod once it nears the end of its stroke. The reimagined VK-1 Short Stroke Piston System includes a fully-supported one-piece op rod and removable gas block and matches the footprint and weight of a standard DI AR-15 while providing the benefits of a piston driven system.

Value: $2,199

2nd Place Prize: Free Beer In August

Each member of your team will get a free draft beer every day for August 2024.  1 free beer per day, per team member.  Winner(s) must be present at Old State to claim prize on any or every day in March 2024.  Free beers must be consumed on premises.

Value: $960


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Idaho Wild: 208.999.0453

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The Old State Saloon is a new watering hole located in the historic Orville Jackson Drug store building in downtown Eagle, Idaho. The building is a significant piece of Eagle’s history. Built in 1906, it was originally home to a pharmacy and general store. The building served as a social hub for the community, providing essential goods and services, as well as a place for locals to gather and catch up on the latest news. The building’s unique architecture and prominent location have made it a landmark in downtown Eagle for more than a century.

The Old State Saloon’s location within the Orville Jackson Drug store building adds to its charm and character. The saloon features a rustic and inviting atmosphere that pays homage to the town and building’s rich history. The saloon offers a wide selection of craft beers, wines, spirits, and live music many nights a week. The Old State Saloon is a favorite spot for locals and visitors alike to gather and enjoy great drinks and great music in a historic setting.

Rules, Procedure and Regulations

  1. Any violation of the rules, procedures, or regulations will constitute an immediate disqualification and request to leave the premises until the trivia competition has been completed.
  2. If it is determined that there was deliberate intent to cheat by any player, he or she will be banned from Trivia at Old State Saloon for life.
  3. For your information: There will be referees.
  4. Whatever the host says is final.  The host can overrule any written or unwritten rule at any time. Mark Fitzpatrick is the host.
  5. You must be 21 years of age or older to be present at Old State Saloon and to participate.
  6. Old State Saloon employees are not eligible to play or win the prize.
  7. Teams may consist of 1-4 players.  You may not even have the appearance of having more than 4 players. You may not be seated with more than 4 people.  If you do, your team will be called out by a referee.  You will be publicly embarrassed and disqualified.
  8. You may not use, hold, look at, or interact with any phone, ipad, smart device, watch, or other technology of any kind.
  9. You may not wear or use any communication device of any kind.
  10. You may not wear sunglasses while playing.
  11. Do not shout out any real or fake answers, even if you are joking. If you do, you may be disqualified. You may or may not be given a warning.
  12. The total number of teams will be limited.
  13. Team signups begin at 6:30PM.  Trivia questions start at 7:30PM.
  14. Regarding signups, it’s first come, first serve.
  15. There are no early signups except for the teams that played and signed up on November 15th. You may not signup by calling or emailing or texting. Please don’t.
  16. There will be four rounds of 12-15 questions in each round. At the end of each round, each team will turn in their answer sheet to the nearest referee.  While the host states the correct answers for everyone to hear, the referees will score your sheets and tally the scores on a master sheet.  You may review your sheets at the conclusion of trivia night.
  17. There are no challenges to the referees’ scoring. Please do not approach the referees while they are scoring.
  18. The team with the most points at the end of the four rounds may decide who wins the prize or proceed to a “Sudden Death” round where each of the players on the team will play against each other.
  19. During “Sudden Death” questions will be read until there is only 1 remaining player.  If all players get the question wrong, a new question will be read.
  20. For the winner: In order to claim your prize, you must pick it up within 30 days at: Tiger Defense.   You must complete the standard FBI background check for purchasing a firearm.  Assuming you pass and are qualified to be a legal gun owner, you will be given the PRIZE.  If you fail the test, The Sponsors will keep the weapon and give it away at the next OSS Trivia Night. If you fail the test, you will be given nothing as a consolation prize.  Please do not play if you are not eligible to own a firearm. It is up to you to know if you are eligible.  The FBI will confirm it. This is not a peer to peer transfer.
  21. You may not win more than one firearm from Old State in any 12 month time period.
  22. Have Fun!


Stay in the know about all of our upcoming events and additions. Sign up for our newsletter.


Stay in the know about all of our upcoming events and additions. Sign up for our newsletter.

50 E State St, Eagle, ID 83616

Monday – Thursday 6am – 12am
Friday 6am – 2am
Saturday 8am – 2am 
Sunday 8am – 12am