Executive chef




Remember that one time when you cooked at a chain restaurant?  Real chefs don’t  simply heat up food. That’s insulting. When you choose ingredients, it’s not possible to be too local. You’re familiar with the farmers’ faces and recognize our ranchers by name.  It’s all local to local and keeping the government’s dirty hands off your beef is a cooking conquest that keeps you up at night. The national supply chain is destroying America with dismal dishes.  But, not on your menu. Not on your watch. With you, it’s all healthy, wholesome, and hot. Locally focused means an ever-changing menu, and that tickles your fancy… and your French fries. You compliment your immutable menu meals with seasonal snacks, rotating rations, and lobster linguini as long as it lasts. Another chef would open a can for his processed cheese.  But, the only can you open is a can of fresh whoop-ass since you are the top chef in Treasure Valley. Your cooking crew cherishes working for you, too.  Working in your kitchen is like being a Navy SEAL going into battle against a Somali sea pirate. Your cooks are well equipped with your issued weapons, training, and knowledge. Cooking for a couple’s romantic dinner is delightful and downright fun, but fixing a feast for five hundred… yah, you can do that too.  And you leave every last one of them wanting for more.  Don’t worry, wedding party, dessert is on its way.  And you are on your way, too!  On your way to becoming Executive Chef of Idaho’s latest and greatest saloon, kitchen and coffeehouse. See you at Old State Saloon, partner.


Old State Saloon (and soon to be kitchen and coffeehouse) is Treasure Valley’s latest hot spot for excellent food and drinks with a local, community focus.  Good times are had here! Live music, trivia, community classes, we have it all.  It’s a place to meet with old friends and make new ones.  We’re the kitchen of preference for Stone Crossing Event Center and other venues across Treasure Valley.  We cook in and cater out.  Good times, delicious drinks and fantastic food… you can always get it of Old State Saloon.


Significant experience as a chef

Management in food services

Management of stock

Ability to work in close quarters with a cooking crew

Flexible schedule with willingness to work weekends and nights as needed

Reliable transportation


Outgoing, optimistic and flexible self-starter

Ability to identify and solve problems quickly

Ethical, energetic, can-do attitude

Ability to work well in fast-paced, deadline driven environment

Ability to operate independently with limited supervision

Team player willing to take on new projects & assignments


Management of the menu and cooking team for both on premises diners and catering clients. 

Cooking with the team, as needed, with a humble attitude

Research local healthy sources of food for our menus

Troubleshoot and handle any issues that arise on the event day

Keep the kitchen stocked with needed food and supplies


Salaried position, $80,000-120,000 depending on experience.


Full time (approx. 40+ hrs / week) 

Work completed in the Eagle, Idaho area