Awesome Patriot Month Has Arrived!

Today begins Awesome Patriot Month (APM) at Old State Saloon. For many, Independence Day has taken on a new meaning in recent years as our country faces a tyrannical government seemingly controlled by an international crime syndicate of elite families and organizations like the World Economic Forum and Black Rock. Now, as we begin APM on the heels of Heterosexual Awesomeness Month we must recognize our media in recent years has bombarded us with more and more sexual depravity being cooked up as normalcy with a forced side dish of “you better celebrate it.” Confusion is the song of choice that so many sing, as they’re unable to decipher gender and unwilling to offend anyone including those drowning in the insane waves of the Deceptive Ocean of Equality.  Add that to some of the more recent obviously rigged elections (I’m sure they aren’t the first in our history) and so many in our government being tied to secret societies, there is an overwhelming stench of 1776 in the air.

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